Fargrima: A festival during the month of Valdertide. This holiday celebrates the darkness from the shortened days of Winter. Under the cover and secrecy of night, acts of trickery and mischief are committed – usually by the young although adults will sometimes have clandestine trysts of their own. It is a night of freedom and shenanigans.

Great Hunt: At the beginning of Autumn for 7 days, cities will host Great Hunts in Nott’s honor. A stag of special coloring – preferably albino – or with unique ominous markings is chosen and released to be chased by gathered hunting parties. Whoever brings the stag down is said to be blessed with good luck for the next year.

Gulbaddur: Galbaddur is a celebration of Donar and specifically is in reference to the Golden Tree of legend. Everyone dresses in bright yellow and fake “wands” are crafted from the boughs of apple trees. In individual households, a “Lady of Galbaddur” may be crowned with a wreath of autumn leaves. The “Lady” is usually one of the younger girls of each family and will go about the house bestowing “blessings” with her wand.

Manirud: Manirud is a great celebration for Nott and is held during every lunar eclipse. When this festival was started, it was believed that on these nights the moon was being hunted by a great evil – causing it to turn red. Revelers would wear masks to disguise themselves so that the evil couldn’t find them. Wearing dear masks specifically would call Nott, the great Huntress, to defend them and take back the moon. Now, the festival is filled with games and dancing with the obligatory deer mask. A great cheer erupts when the moon turns back to white, symbolizing Nott’s continued vigilance.

Swordfest: Swordfest, celebrated between Spring and Summer, is a celebration of war and arms. During the week long festival, feats of arms and fighting competitions are held. Champions are crowned and great banquets are held.

Vetnatta: Vetnatta is a celebration of light. On the eve before the holiday, households place small candles in the window – a gesture to beckon Amis into their home. In the morning, great feasts are given in the deity’s name as thanks for her continued protection.

Waken: Waken is a week-long festival held to welcome the spring. It is a holiday particularly observed by couples and is seen as a celebration of love. Picnics are held and there is music and dancing. It is not uncommon for engagements to be announced on this day.

Waterfest: The transition between Autumn and Winter belongs to Valder. During Waterfest, offerings are made to Valder in the form of paper boats set out to sea.


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